Roberts and Sons Funeral Home is staffed by our family, Bruce Sr., wife Margaret, and Bruce Jr. In addition, we are complemented by our three part-time staff members. Bruce Sr. and Bruce Jr. are both graduates from New England Institute of Anatomy and are licensed funeral directors. Margaret has a certificate in Grief Studies. We are solid contributors to our community and industry. Not only are we a family, we are a team, dedicated to providing the families we serve with care, compassion, and respect.


We cannot think of a better place to live and work than Foxboro, Massachusetts. Part of our philosophy is to give back to our community that supports us throughout the year. We sponsor the music fair at the annual summer Celtic Night on the Commons. It is a fun celebration with food, music and traditional Celtic dancing. Be sure to stop by, we will all be there, and you can listen as Bruce Jr. plays his bagpipes for the crowd.