It seems we are a society of planners - we plan our days, our weeks, our months and our years. We plan our weddings, we save or invest money to pay for our children's college education, and we gather around coffee tables with our families to spread four-color glossy brochures with bright and playful photographs enticing us to visit exotic destinations for vacations. We plan for all these events and more, but when it comes to our own death, we seem to avoid it at every turn. Pre-Planning for the end of life serves many purposes. Once the planning is completed, people take great comfort in knowing that that part of their earthly experience now also has been thought through and organized.

When you meet with us to Pre-Plan your own funeral, we will provide you with a questionnaire. You may have a very clear idea about your preferences, or you may not. By answering the questions, it will help you to make decisions - decisions that affect you and your loved ones. It offers you the opportunity to ensure that your wishes are followed. Knowledge is a powerful thing, especially in this case. The death experience, especially ones that take us by surprise, are extremely stressful and painful. The pain of loss is intensified when we do not prepare in every way possible.

We pay close attention to your wishes, and offer helping hands during your time of sorrow. When we know what you want, where you want your service to take place, whether you want an earthen burial, or to be cremated, or whether you want a traditional service, or a contemporary life celebration, we will see to it that your prerequisites are met.

In the Pre-Planning process we discuss the entire event from beginning to end. This is part of our dedication to personalized service. There is no financial obligation to Pre-Planning.

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