Many families choose to prepay for their funeral service. By prepaying we guarantee to provide the same service in the future for the price on the day you sign a contract with us. Funds invested at this time (Preplanned) will be protected by the interest earned on the account. The Board of Registration of Funeral Services under the State of Massachusetts (CMR 239) requires that funds for burial that are paid before death have to be placed in trust in a Massachusetts bank, or a trust company, or a federal or Massachusetts savings and loan institution, or a federal or Massachusetts credit union. Prepayment can be accomplished by contacting an insurance company that can sell you a policy or convert a policy for your prearrangement. There are many plans to fit your needs. You can pay over time or all at once. By prepaying, you relieve your family of the financial burden that accompanies your death.

The state of Massachusetts tightly regulates funeral prepayment. We abide by all State and Federal laws. Your funeral investment is protected under the guidelines set forth by all governing bodies. If you would like to learn more, the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) has made available Consumer Resources, Why Preplan.

The section "NFDA Model Consumer Protection Guidelines for State Preneed Funeral Statutes" is particularly helpful in this regard.

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